In the past, we discussed various techniques for writing a Spring Boot application, including security, REST api etc. We proudly announce the release of the most complex Spring Boot authorization example so far. Feel free to check out our GitHub repository.

Here is a list of features supported by the auth server:

  • Username and password Authentication
  • OAuth2 Access + Refresh Token Provision
  • Registration with e-mail confirmation
  • Basic account management including password change, forgotten password, e-mail change and account deletion
  • Multilingual support
  • Logout including token invalidation
  • Easy SonarQube, Jacoco and Checkstyle integration for code-quality monitoring
  • Basic unit and integration test coverage with example tests

This example is written in Spring Boot 2 and we will try to maintain it to keep up with the latest changes. In case you wish to contribute or ask a question, we will be happy to discuss it with you on GitHub!