Gigsterous is a project aiming to connect musicians with other musicians, producers or simply people seeking music for their own purpose. We believe we can help musicians connect through modern technology so that they can focus on their performance, rather than struggling to find their next gig.

We write posts for this blog about things we are learning as we develop the final product. Some posts are tightly related to what we do and some are examples derived from what we did to make sure you can reproduce it yourself and learn just like we did. We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge well spent.


We are two recent graduates of Czech Technical University in Prague and big music enthusiasts.


Software engineer by day, bass player by night. Currently I focus on Java related technologies and am trying to build the REST API.



I've got mad skillz in violin, iOS and Java. Right now, I'm all about that app and making sure it's perfect for a musician just like me.


Blog Engine

The blog runs on Jekyll, which you can find at jekyll / jekyll

The theme is a base Jekyll theme called minima. You can find the source code for it at: jekyll / minima